About the site

We are two international lawyers trying to make human rights more accessible, relevant and fun through illustration. Our images are free to use and we encourage you to send them far and wide! Please just use them for a good purpose and leave our site attribute in. Have a concept you want drawn? Write to us. Let’s talk.

about The People

Ria Singh Sawhney

Always late but worth the wait

Ria is an Indian lawyer who likes the beach in winter, loves kombucha, and hates golf. Ria can sketch anything (badly) from reclining cats to slow-motion gyrating performance artists. She obsesses over how intersectional her work is, how to overthrow the tyranny of the algorithm, and locating resilience in activism.

Anna Bulman

Too excited about fermented food

Anna is an Australian lawyer who likes a bloody mary, loves games, and hates wet socks. Anna dabbles in oil painting and graphic illustration. Her inner geek lights up to food systems, alternative economic theories, and community-led advocacy.